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The Top 4 Unusual Marketing Campaigns

Who said marketing was dull? In the face of an oversaturated online world, there are some marketers who are keen to make their work life interesting. They are engaging with customers in a new, and unusual, way. After all consumers of products and services have seen it all. They’ve seen sexy, cheeky and downright rude campaigns. But, there are some campaigns, although unusual, have worked in a provocative sense.

When it comes to innovative marketing, it’s all about breaking the mould.

Here are the top four unusual marketing campaigns. You never know, it may just inspire you.

1. The Ridiculous Anti-Drugs Message

We all know that drugs are bad. But, the anti-drugs campaigns that have been in existence in the last decade have been downright hilarious. Of course, kids need to be aware of the dangers of drug use. That, we can all get on board with. But, when advertising and marketing gurus get it wrong, they get is spectacularly wrong. The Ninja Turtles stepped in to talk about the perils of marijuana, complete with retro street slang. Naturally, this has become something of a viral sensation. According to CannaBranders Marijuana Marketing, it’s become the most mocked marketing campaign in the last few years. If anything, it’s going to deter the youth of today from watching Ninja Turtles!

2. Renaming Cities in the Name of Marketing

Half.com is a sleepy town in Oregon. Half.com, the company, convinced the town’s mayor to change the name from Halfway to Half.com. In light of this, the town’s tourism was booted, and the textbook rental company got a significant online presence. Publicity doesn’t come much better than this. Not only did the company benefit from a massive surge in sales, but the town also benefited from the economic boom in tourism. The town got much more than tourists though. It also received company stock, internet access and free computers. The company, however, got something more than they bargained for. As they had a place, quite literally, on the map, the tiny start-up was purchased by eBay for $300 million.

3. Mixing Sweets and Hygiene

If you have ever listened to your parents, you will know that brushing your teeth is important. What’s more, your mum is sure to have reminded you that if you eat too many sweets that your teeth will fall out. So, Colgate took this to the next level. Inside ice creams was toothpaste shaped stick with the message ‘don’t forget’. This guerrilla marketing tactic was incredibly successful. So much so, that it generated a lot of sales while the publicity stunt ran.

4. Free Air Guitar Giveaway

Just think about this one for a moment. A local radio station in the heart of Glasgow decided that they wanted to launch a fantastic giveaway. All this was done with the launch of their new community radio station in mind. So, they gave away, rather generously, a whole bunch of air guitars. The photos that did the rounds on social media not only engaged audiences around the world but gave the local station a much-needed publicity boost. It was clever and low cost!