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5 Reasons to Start a Blog on Your Company Website

5 Reasons to Start a Blog on Your Company Website

Every small business needs to know how to use the internet to their advantage these days.  A lot of them struggle with being personable and at ease with customers when communicating with them online. One great way to do this though is to start writing a blog. Here are more great reasons why you should give it a try

1. A Blog Drives SEO

If your blog is driving up the visits to your website, your SEO will also be improving. The more your site is visited as a result of your new blog, the more recognition you’ll get from search engines. If you want to find out more, get in touch with SEO consultants. There are lots of other ways of improving SEO too.

Make sure your articles are of interest to the kinds of people who might be interested in your products or services. You’ll want to use that improved SEO and higher traffic to increase sales! Also, driving traffic is one thing, but you also need to take advantage of some of the best affiliate programs on the market too. Earn some extra cash for your business by recommending products that your comapny uses.

2. You Can Connect with Customers

A lot of modern companies see the chance to connect directly with their customers as a great way of driving up interest and sales. This is how your business should approach blogging too. Direct connections make a business more personable and less remote.

Your blog could even open up new conversations. Make sure you allow comments to be posted underneath your blog posts. That way, discussion, and debate will be encouraged, make sure you take part in these discussions in a friendly, fun manner.

3. Blogging Can Open You up to New Ideas

Blogging isn’t just about informing other people; it’s also about learning new things and picking up ideas and ways of thinking from other bloggers too. There’s a lot you can learn from other people, so don’t be foolish enough to think you know it all.

Find other blogs that are writing about similar topics to you and follow them. You could build a community around the topics you’re all writing about. This’ll be beneficial to everyone!

4. It’s Free Advertising

If you build up a reputation for reliable, accurate and informative blogging, people will come to your website. That’s the way it works. So, when they’re there on your site, make sure they’re also aware of what your company offers regarding products and services.

People can’t help but become aware of what your business does if they’re visiting your site regularly. You could also place notes at the end of your articles linking to your products if they’re relevant to what you’ve been writing about. And all that doesn’t cost a penny!

5. Your Blog Lets Yours Customers Know You’re Active

It’s best to get this warning out of the way first: keep your blog active. It’s better to not start a business blog at all than start one only to abandon it later on down the line. If your blog is inactive, people might think the same of your business.

Now, onto the positive aspects. If your company is blogging regularly on up to date, relevant topics, it’ll let people know that you have your finger on the pulse. It’s a way of letting people know you’re there and that you know what you’re talking about.

5 Crucial Reasons You Should Outsource Your SEO Needs

We have all heard about SEO, yet there are few of us who understand what it means. When people talk about this aspect of business, you might nod along and pretend you are on the same page. In reality, though, the words probably mean nothing to you. That is okay. You can’t know everything about everything. There are people who spend their entire careers trying to get to grips with SEO. If you outsource this function, it could save you a whole load of hassle.

1. Companies specialize in optimization

There are agencies out there who specialize in this area, and so you should trust them to take care of it all for you. Hiring an SEO service company could make a massive difference to the way that your website functions. If you have experts on board, you will find it much easier to understand how optimization helps to increase the traffic to your site. The worst thing you can do is pretend that you have things under control when you don’t.

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The Top 4 Unusual Marketing Campaigns

Who said marketing was dull? In the face of an oversaturated online world, there are some marketers who are keen to make their work life interesting. They are engaging with customers in a new, and unusual, way. After all consumers of products and services have seen it all. They’ve seen sexy, cheeky and downright rude campaigns. But, there are some campaigns, although unusual, have worked in a provocative sense.

When it comes to innovative marketing, it’s all about breaking the mould.

Here are the top four unusual marketing campaigns. You never know, it may just inspire you.

1. The Ridiculous Anti-Drugs Message

We all know that drugs are bad. But, the anti-drugs campaigns that have been in existence in the last decade have been downright hilarious. Of course, kids need to be aware of the dangers of drug use. That, we can all get on board with. But, when advertising and marketing gurus get it wrong, they get is spectacularly wrong. The Ninja Turtles stepped in to talk about the perils of marijuana, complete with retro street slang. Naturally, this has become something of a viral sensation. According to CannaBranders Marijuana Marketing, it’s become the most mocked marketing campaign in the last few years. If anything, it’s going to deter the youth of today from watching Ninja Turtles!

2. Renaming Cities in the Name of Marketing

Half.com is a sleepy town in Oregon. Half.com, the company, convinced the town’s mayor to change the name from Halfway to Half.com. In light of this, the town’s tourism was booted, and the textbook rental company got a significant online presence. Publicity doesn’t come much better than this. Not only did the company benefit from a massive surge in sales, but the town also benefited from the economic boom in tourism. The town got much more than tourists though. It also received company stock, internet access and free computers. The company, however, got something more than they bargained for. As they had a place, quite literally, on the map, the tiny start-up was purchased by eBay for $300 million.

3. Mixing Sweets and Hygiene

If you have ever listened to your parents, you will know that brushing your teeth is important. What’s more, your mum is sure to have reminded you that if you eat too many sweets that your teeth will fall out. So, Colgate took this to the next level. Inside ice creams was toothpaste shaped stick with the message ‘don’t forget’. This guerrilla marketing tactic was incredibly successful. So much so, that it generated a lot of sales while the publicity stunt ran.

4. Free Air Guitar Giveaway

Just think about this one for a moment. A local radio station in the heart of Glasgow decided that they wanted to launch a fantastic giveaway. All this was done with the launch of their new community radio station in mind. So, they gave away, rather generously, a whole bunch of air guitars. The photos that did the rounds on social media not only engaged audiences around the world but gave the local station a much-needed publicity boost. It was clever and low cost!